A Simple Gesture with Big Rewards


By Katie Henshaw

A Simple Gesture with Big Rewards

Remember how we used to celebrate special moments at work? We’d reserve a special table for lunch after hitting a big goal, we’d gather together around a cake in the conference room to celebrate a birthday or a work anniversary, or we’d all head out for drinks after closing that big client.

My birthday was in March and by then it was clear that these celebrations were going to be a little different…at least for a while. When my team hit their sales goals in April, did we head out for a big celebratory lunch? Not these days. But it’s still so important to mark these occasions and to celebrate with our teammates. One silver lining during this time is all the exciting and unique Care Packages that are being offered. Right now, the simple gesture of sending a care package is more appreciated than ever.

Remember care packages? It brings to mind my lucky friends at summer camp receiving chewing gum and the newest Baby Sitters Club. But now care packages are all grown up and not only are there options for every recipient, but there are great options for professional colleagues and clients as well. Here are a few professional occasions where a thoughtful care package could go a long way:

Employee Recognition

Do you have team members who are going above and beyond for your company, despite everything else happening in the world? Give them the fuel to keep it going with an assortment of artisan goodies.

Employee Milestones

Big milestones call for big wines. Show how much their years of service mean to you with a special (or very special) bottle from Napa Valley.

Team Morale

If your team is feeling disconnected and discouraged, try a virtual happy hour – you provide the wine. Everyone receives their own wine and food pairing for you to all enjoy together in a virtual video call. Zoom is not just for meetings anymore!

Client Onboarding

Did you just sign a new client? Show how much their business means to you with a special gift of wine & food that’s perfect for this new adventure.

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