Corporate Virtual Wine Tasting Experiences

Clif Family Corporate Virtual Wine Tasting

Corporate Virtual Wine Tasting Experiences

Blog Post By Katie Henshaw

Some parts of working remote are great: sweatpants! (Very) short commute! But working remote comes with its challenges as well. I never expected that working at home would be quite so lonely – I miss chatting with my teammates between calls and over lunch. And I’m tired of reaching out to clients with emails that start with “I hope you are safe and healthy.” It’s important to carve out time to reconnect and create space for authentic communication, learning and fun.

Luckily there are hundreds of companies that have quickly started to offer virtual experiences, everything from visiting our National Parks to The Louvre. But there’s nothing quite like a virtual wine tasting to bring you and your teammates or clients together. Who doesn’t want to be transported to California’s wine country for an hour or two?

Clif Family Virtual Wine Tasting
Choosing the Best Virtual Wine Tasting Experience for your Group

Where to start? The Mercury News recently listed 50 California wineries that are offering virtual tastings this month. Most of these wineries will also arrange a private tasting just for your group upon request. So how to choose? Here are three things to keep in mind:

What’s the occasion?

  • Special Client Perk: Dress to impress! Ask if the winery can offer a premium experience such as a vineyard tour or a winemaker hosted tasting.
  • Virtual Retreat: Learning something together, like food & wine pairing guidelines, is a great retreat activity. Make sure that the virtual tasting will offer insights that your team can use in the future.
  • Team Bonding or Celebrating a Milestone: Consider that a shorter tasting with fewer wines will allow time for your group to connect with each other in addition to learning about the wines and sharing them together.

What matters to your company?

You know what’s important to your company, and this tasting can help reinforce those values. Here are just a few examples of company values that you might consider:

  • Sustainability: Choose a winery that farms organically or has a focus on sustainable business practices.
  • Continuous Learning: Make sure that the tasting experience will including training on something that your team may not know such as varietal markers or wine country history.
  • Fun: Make sure you’re partnering with a winery that understands your dynamic culture.
  • Female-led Business: Find a winery partner with a female winemaker, owner, or other leader.

Don’t forget shipping!

  • Is flat-rate shipping available? Shipping wine can get expensive – especially when multiplied by the number of invitees. If flat-rate shipping isn’t available, be sure to ask for a quote so there are no surprises.

At Clif Family we’ve designed a range of experiences so there’s something for every group – and each tasting experience comes complete with the perfect artisan food pairings created by our Executive Chef. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We’re happy to customize for your group.

  • If you are looking for virtual team-building, a wine Wednesday experience, or a virtual celebration, our Virtual Happy Hour package is a great option. Starting at $40 per tasting kit (plus $10 flat-rate shipping), it includes one wine with one food pairing. Our Clif Family Wine Educator will kick off the celebration with a brief description of the food & wine pairing and then leave your group to relax, unwind, and enjoy together.
  • Planning a virtual retreat or seeking out virtual wine & food pairings? Ask about our Appertivo Experience. Tour Napa Valley with this selection of 3 assorted white and red wines, each with a carefully selected food pairing. Your guide, one of our Clif Family Wine Educators, will lead an interactive tasting and discussion of the wines, the pairings, and the Napa Valley.
  • Hosting clients? Try our immersive Napa Valley Experience and virtual vineyard tour, the King of the Mountain Experience. Join our Clif Family Wine Educator (or our Winemaker!) on a video walk among the vineyards at our Estate Cold Springs Vineyard atop the famed Howell Mountain. Then head indoors for a tasting of 3 of our most coveted Clif Family wines complete with food pairings.

Ready to book? Reach out to schedule your tasting today by emailing Katie at

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