Clif Family Napa Valley Organic Tomato Sauce

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Clif Family Napa Valley Organic Tomato Sauce

Marinara, Red Sauce, Tomato Sauce – many people have fond, comforting memories of a sauce that Mom or Grandma used to make. As a very familial tradition, recipes are commonly passed down from generation to generation where the quality of the best sauces begin with the best ingredients. And quality, flavorful, organic ingredients are at the pillar of all Clif Family Napa Valley food products and recipes.

Tomato sauce has always played a special role at Clif Family Winery. Linzi Gay, our General Manager recalls, “When I first sat down to talk with Gary and Kit about their wine project in 2004, they put two products on the table – their newly bottled wine and a jar of one of their favorite tomato sauces. They said, “we want to make wine and tomato sauce”. It took us a while to make the tomato sauce, but we’ve been perfecting it over the years.”

Most of the ingredients in our Clif Family Napa Valley Organic Tomato Sauce is grown by Tessa and her team at the farm. The tomatoes, garlic, even the air-dried herbs we use! Chef John then works to perfect it in the kitchen, gently releasing all of the beautiful aromatics of each ingredient. We have finally created the perfect sauce that Gary and Kit were looking for all those years ago when they launched our winery and it is quickly becoming a Clif Family staple.

Incredibly versatile, the Organic Tomato Sauce should be stocked in all pantries and used in many applications. Two of our favorite recipes from Chef John McConnell are Pasta with Tomato Bacon ‘Sugo’ and this Creamy Polenta Torta.

Pasta With Tomato Bacon Sugo
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Creamy Polenta Torta
Clif Family Creamy Polenta
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