Pairing Our Savory Nut Mixes With Wine

Clif Family Napa Valley Savory Nut Mixes

Blog Post By Efrain Barragan

Pairing Our Savory Nut Mixes With Wine

Our Savory Nut Mixes have been created by Executive Chef John McConnell to pair with our Clif Family Wines. They make easy appetizers or enhance favorite dishes. Savory Nut Mixes are available in 5 flavors.

Maple Curried Cashews & Peanuts

Chef John balances the earthy flavored Madras Curry with sweet maple syrup. Cashews and peanuts roasted to perfection are tossed with this flavorful spice mix to create a blend with just the right amount of sugar and spice. Pair with Clif Family Gewürztraminer.

Tamari Glazed Mixed Nuts & Sesame Seeds

Just the right amount of spicy, sweet and savory, this nut mix has it all. Chef John coats cashews, almonds and peanuts with a tamari glaze and then adds toasted sesame oil and sesame seeds, bringing to life our favorite Asian flavors. Pair with Clif Family Viognier.

Rosemary Roasted Almonds & Pistachios

Aromatic rosemary is married with orange zest to create a savory combination of flavors that will entice you to reach for more. Pair with Clif Family Chardonnay.

Smoked Spanish Pimenton Almonds

Powerfully flavored Pimenton is a key ingredient in Spanish dishes. The distinct smoky flavor combines with the toasted almonds to create a rich and fragrant nut mix. Pair with Clif Family Zinfandel.

Barbequed Walnuts & Almonds

A California riff on a southern classic. Toasted walnuts and almonds are coated with barbeque spice rub to highlight your favorite summer-time flavors. Pair with Clif Family Cabernet Sauvignon.

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