Maximize Your Gifting ROI This Holiday Season

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Maximize Your Gifting ROI This Holiday Season

Clif Family’s combination of artisan foods and wine products truly sets us apart in the Napa Valley. If you haven’t yet experienced the full spectrum of this with our farm-to-table Food Truck and wine pairing experiences, we recommend adding a visit to Clif Family to your Napa Valley bucket list! One of the delicious resources born from our trifecta of Organic Farmer + Executive Chef + Winemaker are unique gift sets.

Selecting and giving a gift is the fun part. But what about the less tangible aspect of measuring a return from those gifts It’s a much easier task to gauge how a personal gift was used and appreciated. But in the busy corporate world of gifting, this can be a much more difficult task.

We’ve done our homework, gathered some critical insights and feel it only fair to share these morsels of information with those who can really use them—the office administrators, executives, partners, and assistants who make the decision—to send or not to send? And what to send and not to send?

Clif Family Insights to Maximize Your ROI

Give a Gift that Tastes as Good as it Looks

Believe it or not, there are companies who spend more on packaging than product. Dig deep into the quality of the gift inside the package to be sure it represents the quality you want to relay with your gift—and your brand!

70% of recipients are encouraged to continue to do business with the sender after receiving a unique gift. – Alyce

Sustainability Goes Beyond the Gift

Millennials are quickly changing the weight of demand on sustainability which is something to consider as you choose your supplier for corporate gifts. According to industry data, inexpensive promotional products (a/k/a tchotchkes) with a company logo are among the quickest to be discarded or go unused. But beyond that, consider whether the food products you’re gifting are grown sustainably. How about the packaging and packing materials—are they likely to easily be re-used or recycled?

Presentation Matters

What does your gift look like when it is received? How about several days after it’s received? Gifts that hold their value and best represent your brand are those that look great from beginning to end. If you send a gift that is expected to die (like flowers), or intentionally picked apart (like a fruit arrangement), imagine your brand attached to that display throughout its life cycle.

The average spend by a company on corporate gifts is $21,000/year, and growing every year.

Personal Touch Goes a Long Way

Let’s face it, a personalized gift always feels warmer. Win the hearts of your recipients by adding that personal touch. Whether hand delivered by you, or adding a specific item or note card just for them. A little personalization goes a long way in return on your gifting investment.

Make it Memorable & Appealing

Who isn’t busy over the holidays? Make your gift stand out by giving something unique that appeals to everyone. The quality of the contents, the packaging and presentation, the likelihood that it will be enjoyed by everyone on the receiving end, are all ways to increase the value of your gift and therefore, the value of your return on that gift investment.

80% of C-Suite executives believe business gifts generate measurable ROI (among other intangible benefits). – Alyce

Spread the Cheer

Say “we appreciate you” to everyone who makes an impact… from the receptionist to the I.T. Department and everyone in between those corporate ladder rungs! Sending wine is wonderful (hey, as a winery, we respect that choice!), but keep in mind that wine is often only enjoyed by higher level execs. If you ARE sending wine, consider wine for the C-Suite + a separate gift of food for the office personnel to enjoy!

Make a big impact with small details. Whether you have your gifting process dialed in, or are just getting into the game, know there is a return to be had on this investment… and it’s in the details. We are, after all, humans at corporations giving to humans at corporations.

If you need gifting ideas or would like more gifting industry information, contact our Gifting Concierges by email or phone 707-968-0625. To see our unique gift set offerings, click here.

Happy gifting!

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