Harvest Season is Here

Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon Harvest, Cold Springs Vineyard

September is always an exciting time of year. Kids are back to school, harvest begins, and we arrive at the much-anticipated release of our Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon wines. This year, I am thrilled to show off the 2016 vintage, my second harvest here at Clif Family Winery.

With over a year of experience working with these wines in the field and in the cellar, I was armed with the knowledge, understanding and confidence to craft my second vintage of Clif Family Cabernet Sauvignon. The wines have taken on a personality of their own, one that I have grown to love and appreciate.

The 2016 vintage was the 5th vintage of superb quality in the Napa Valley. We had finally come out of a long drought, with a little over 40 inches of rainfall on Howell Mountain. The growing season was warm and consistent. We were able to harvest exactly when we felt we had achieved ripeness, without the threat of early winter rains. Although small in quantity, the 2016 Cabernets are balanced, fresh and concentrated. They are more powerful than the 2015’s, yet not as rustic and tannic as the 2013’s. They fall in this beautiful spot right in between and will age beautifully for decades to come.

Visit us at our Clif Family tasting room, a unique place where the passions of cycling, wine and food are celebrated and blended. Here you can taste our Clif Family Wines, enjoy food and wine pairing experiences, grab an espresso drink, or saddle-up for a wine country cycling adventure. Contact us at 707-968-0625 to book your reservation.

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