Why Organic Matters

Clif Family - Why Organic

Organic is key to creating a healthier, more just, and sustainable food system for all of us. This past year, the team at Clif Family has been on a mission to transition the ingredients for our food products and grapes for our wines to organic. Our long-term goal is to get to 100% organic sourcing for all our products. It’s a journey that we are on together, supporting our partners and growers in this transition.

Some of the milestones on our organic journey this year:

• We purchased and planted a new 80-acre vineyard in the Napa Valley that will be farmed CCOF certified organic. When this vineyard comes online, 75% of the grapes that we put into our wines will be organic.

• We are working with our grape growing partners to transition to organic farming practices. With the 2018 vintage, we encouraged a local grower partner to transition their Sauvignon Blanc vineyard to organic farming practices. The vines are looking healthier and more vibrant than ever before.

• We supported our Savory Nut Mix production partner in the transition to organic certification for their production facility. With this organic certification our Savory Nut Mixes are now CCOF certified organic.

• We supported the local business that helps us make our Fruit Preserves to achieve organic certification for their production facility. We were already using 100% organic fruit for our preserves but now the entire process is certified organic.

• We are identifying ways that we can support more organic farming projects in our local community. We hope to be a leader in sustainable and organic agriculture.

Organic is also important to our parent company, Clif Bar. As a leader in promoting organic in the natural food industry, Clif Bar has spearheaded many initiatives to help support organic farmers. The most recent was the creation of the Clif Ag Fund. This is an investment fund to help increase the resilience of organic farmers in its supply chain. Learn more at www.clifbar.com.

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