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Organic Clif Family Single Varietal Hot Sauces

Each summer, we grow a variety of peppers for single varietal hot sauces on our organic Napa Valley farm. Peppers seem to love the growing conditions at the farm and each fall we have an abundance of different varieties that go into our hot sauces. From the sweet and flavorful Jimmy Nardello to the fiery hot Fatalii, there is a hot sauce for everyone. Chef John shares some of his favorite uses for each of the five flavors we made this season.

Jimmy Nardello
An heirloom sweet pepper bred in the United States, Jimmy Nardello are commonly used as a roasting pepper or eating raw. This pepper is full of delicious sweet pepper flavor without the burn.

How to Use
Add a dash to your Bloody Mary, spice up your vinaigrette or use as a condiment on vegetable and fish dishes.

A Syrian chili used primarily in its dried form crushed and lightly salted. When used fresh, the Aleppo chili has a deep scarlet red color with a date-line fruitiness that rounds out the heat.

How to Use
Add to egg dishes for breakfast or any Mediterranean foods. This might be your new kitchen staple.

Picante Calabrese
These tiny thumb-sized chili peppers make up for in flavor what they may lack in size. They deliver a fiery spice with wonderful flavor.

How to Use
Good with everything as it has the perfect balance of flavor to heat.

Lemon Drop
Closely related to the Aji family of Peruvian chilies, this one has an exotic and fruit driven flavor with some serious heat.

How to Use
Try in ceviche dishes, seafood, Agua Chile or in any salsa or guacamole recipe.

A West African chili pepper that is vibrantly yellow and VERY VERY spicy! It delivers a quick intense heat that is spicier than a Habanero but with an exotic sweet citrus and fruit character that beckons another taste.

How to Use
Spice up anything if you are ready for some heat!

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