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Recipe by Executive Chef John McConnell

1 each Avocado, ripened
to taste Clif Family Kitchen Everything Seasoning
to taste freshly squeezed lemon
to taste Clif Family Kitchen extra virgin olive oil
optional add-on/serving suggestion:
*hard-boiled egg, cut in half sideways inserted in seed cavity of avocado
**scooped out and spread over your favorite toast, as a “Bruschetta”

Remove the stem segment on the avocado and slice lengthwise around the seed. Twist to separate the two halves. If only eating one half, save the other half with the seed intact, as it will not oxidize and brown as rapidly. With a dull knife, carefully score the avocado flesh to the skin in a cross-hatch pattern to open the flesh of the avocado to better season it with the lemon, olive oil and Everything Seasoning. Once scored, gently squeeze the skin of the avocado to open the flesh of the cut avocado. Drizzle the lemon juice and olive oil before adding the Everything Seasoning so that all the spices adhere to the avocado. This is a simple healthy go-to snack that is easy to eat on the go or at your desk.
Keep snacking America!


Chef John

Jan 11, 2018